Lego City for Wii U


If you are forming the impression that I’ve spent the last few days going to movies and playing games then you are pretty much right. I’m on holiday.Go me.

Anyhoo, today I got hold of my copy of Lego City Undercover and finally got to play it. It was a bit more finally than I expected actually, as firing up the game triggered a console update of the Wii U itself and the game does have its share of loading screens. But it is well worth waiting for. I like the Lego versions of the films that have been around for ages. But this is in a different league. The story is all home spun (but none the worse for that) and there is lots of dialogue (which is all very well presented). There are lots of movie in jokes and characters that you start to care about after a few missions. The Wii U gamepad is used to very good effect, as a mapping device, communicator and crime scene scanner.

I’m really enjoying myself going round solving crimes and arresting bad guys. As the whole thing has been designed to be played by seven year old kids I’m finding that I can actually do quite well, which is nice. The only real gameplay issue that I’ve noticed really is that the handing of the vehicles is a bit tricksy. But everything else is great fun. I don’t think you should buy a Wii U just to play this game. But if you already have the console, the game is a really, really good buy.