Gadgeteering at Tech Days

The audience for my “Gadgets Everywhere” session was even larger than the phone one. I think they came to watch the demos fail….

Did my final session of the day on the Gadgeteer at TechDays.  A great audience, a whole bunch of demos that worked, and a whole bunch of superb questions including one which, again, I didn’t have a proper answer to. I do now though. The question concerned the availability of “watchdog” support for the .NET Micro Framework. At the time I said that I didn’t think that it was available. Turns out I was wrong. Watchdog support was introduced into Version 4.0 and you can use it to make sure that a system will automatically reset if the controlling program gets stuck for some reason.


A happy owner of a bright orange, Ultimaker printed, Lumia 820 cover.

During the talk I mentioned Una, my 3D printer, and how easy it is to use such a device to print cases for Gadgeteer devices. You can even get the designs for the Gadgeteer boards on CodePlex. I had some printed gadget cases, but I’d also brought along a bright orange Lumia 820 case that I printed last week from this design. I figured it might go down well in the Netherlands. And so it turned out.


Examining Gadgets


Camera Art

Thanks to another amazing audience. You can find the slides and the demos here.