Whitby Again


..and so to Whitby. Love the place. And the Fish Pie served at the Magpie Cafe. Actually I like the cafe as much for its technology and business approach as its food. They have large screens showing you what fish is available on the day. All the attentive and hard working waitresses enter your order into a PDA (and have done for quite a while now). The cafe is on Twitter, and they are continuously updating what they do. In these respects they are very like Fudge in Hull, working to improve and extend that their reach while still remaining very good at their core business, serving really good food.

We were blessed with some of the best weather I’ve seen for, well, months, and so I took some more pictures of the place.


We didn’t take a trip on the boat, but these folks seemed to enjoy it.


Last time we came the sea was so bad that we weren’t allowed this far out on the pier.