Matt Smith at the Imagine Cup Finals

Imagine Dr Who

Good grief. I mean golly gosh. I mean wow.

I’ve been involved with the Imagine Cup for a while. I sit at my computer writing emails and looking at entries and usually see it as “a student competition that I play a small part in helping to make work”. Then, when I go to the World Finals and I see just how much effort Microsoft put into it, and how much it means to the students that take part, I get the big picture.

I got another dose of “big picture” today when I found out that Matt Smith, currently doing a magnificent job as Dr. Who over on the BBC, will be hosting the World Finals in July. Blimey.

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Who since I watched it in the sixties on a black and white telly that could only receive one channel. To have someone like him taking to the stage on behalf of the competition marks a new high in my book. Amazing.

It looks like they are going to stream the finals live over the interwebs. It should be an awesome night.