Logitech Bluetooth Adapter


I’m finding that most of my music listening now starts with my phone. I’ve signed up for the “all you can eat” Xbox Music service and so when new albums come out I can just download them to the phone and listen to them. Very nice. Of course, I also want to play music through the Big Speakers and that is where the little black box you can see above comes in.

It provides an endpoint for anything that puts out Bluetooth audio. You pair the adapter with the thing you want to play music from and it then sends out good quality audio to go into your amplifier. I’m not sure it is totally High Fidelity, but then again as the source of the music is a compressed file I’m not sure what High Fidelity means any more. All I can say is that if sounds fine to my ears. You can get the device for around twenty five quids or so from Amazon, which to me makes it a worthwhile purchase.