Simple Calendar for Windows Phone


The Windows Phone calendar tile is nice enough. But it could be better. It could be like the one from Simple Calendar. This gives you the date and day in a nice, funky, format, along with details of your next two appointments. I really like it. When you run the program you also get a view of your entire month with teeny tiny text showing the appointments which is surprisingly useable. I can’t show you an example of that because I’ve already given away two top secret appointments for tomorrow in the screenshot above, but there are some sample screenshots on the Windows Phone Store page.

The application is free, although if you want the fancy tile above it will cost you a little bit. I actually don’t mind this. I find that adverts in an application are distracting and I like the though of paying the author a reasonable sum for a useful program. Seems somehow fair. Just for fun (and because number one wife likes it) I’ve changed the background and foreground colours for my phone as well. My Lumia 920 has an IPS display, which means that displaying lots of white doesn’t actually cost me any battery life.

One little Windows Phone tip: If you like to read your emails as black text on a white background, but you are using the Dark theme you can select this from the mail settings page, which is nice.