Monsters University


They even have a fake university web site, which is well worth a look.

We went to see Monsters University tonight. A prequel to Monsters Inc,, one of my favourite films ever, it tells the story of how Mike and Sculley got together and started their child scaring career. It’s a good romp, but for me it didn’t have anything like the emotional depth of the first film. There are some great moments and the animation is astonishingly good, but since there was no way it could have the character “Boo” I guess it was always going to be a step down from the original.

Having said all that the short film they showed before the main feature, The Blue Umbrella, was an absolute master class in how to fill a little film with emotion. When you get to this level the fact that the pictures were made using computers seems completely incidental. They just used the tools to make something quite wonderful, and almost worth the price of admission by itself. I really hope it makes it onto the Blue Ray release.