Driving Home


If you have a white van, you have to go to Ikea. I’m sure it’s in the handbook somewhere.

We drove the last leg of the journey today. Used my lovely Lumia 920 for navigation and it worked really well, except for one bit where the program threw a strop on the way out of Ikea. Probably because I inadvertently asked for a walking route down the M62.

Anyhoo, I used to think that I’d never buy a car without a SatNav built in, but the Here Drive application has totally won me over to phone based navigation. It was very, very good. We even amused ourselves by watching the speed limit display on the phone change at exactly the point where we went past the speed limit signs. And it makes warning noises when you exceed the limits. At one point I had a light on the dashboard telling me to change up a gear, and the phone beeping to try and get me to slow down. Talk about mixed messages.

I think now that I’d never buy a car without a phone holder built in. Which I’m not sure they make. Rather strangely modern cars these days have magical unfolding cup holders that spring out of the dashboard, but nothing you can easily slip your phone into. I had to resort to buying a plastic clippy thing at a motorway service station and then wedging it on the dashboard with a pack of tissues. Well worth it though, made the journey much easier.

And now I’m back in Lovely Hull, the van has been returned, and I’ve just taken delivery of a box which should, if I’m lucky, contain a Lumia 1020 phone.