Windows Phone App Studio


If you fancy making a Windows Phone application but you’ve not done much programming then you might find the Windows Phone App Studio worth a look. It starts from a web based interface you can use to create applications that bring together your favourite web sites, RSS feeds and lumps of data. You can turn out very professional looking applications with menus,  custom lock screens and tiles. What’s more, you can distribute them to any Windows Phone owner who scans the QR code that is produced when your app is built. And the apps that you build can be the basis of Marketplace your Products because you can download the entire solution and add your own behaviours alongside the pre-built ones.

If you are planning a party, want to tell the world about your amazing pizza collection, need to keep track of places you have visited or just want a quick way of finding all your favourite web sites and blogs, then you can create an application of your own to do just that. In around ten minutes or so.