Another machine to wish for


My Surface Pro is now my computing weapon of choice. Very quick, hugely portable. I’ve taken to using it at work without the keyboard attached, plugged into my docking station. It does confuse folks who come into my office, to find me powering my desktop with what looks like a picture frame, but it works a treat.

The only things I don’t like are the 128G disk space and the 4G memory are a bit on the small side these days. Particularly when I’m running two Windows Phone emulators side by side (although they do both work). And the battery life could be a bit better.

Which is why I’m very pleased that Surface Pro 2 is now on the stocks. With an 8G ram version that has a 256G SSD. Where do I sign?

This does of course mean that towards the end of October there will probably be at least one Surface Pro 128 going on sale, I’m just not sure whether or not to leave the fancy skin on or not when I try to sell it.

Oh, and there are some nice fancy goodies coming along as well, including illuminated keyboards and a really neat docking station.