American Hustle. Go See.

Nothing shifty about this lot, oh no.

Nothing shifty about this lot, oh no.

I don't often go to "grown up" films. The next film I want to see is the "Lego Movie". Nuff said. But tonight I went to see a proper, grown up film. It even has swear words and raunchy scenes, although there is nothing particularly graphic and nobody dies in a gruesome way.

American Hustle is what I would call a "proper" grown up film. The characters are complicated and incredibly well acted. There are no people who are completely good, and only a few who are completely bad. The plot is well told and compelling and by the end you really care what happens to everyone.

The story, of con artists who end up having to corrupt a good man in order to stay out of jail, is not particularly American I reckon. It is almost Shakespearean in the way it unfolds, but there is a lot of hustle. 

The film is up for lots of awards, and rightly so. Go see.