Moving into the Future


Some time back I tried to move my blog. It didn't end well.  Now I'm trying again. The main reason is that changes to Twitter and Flickr have broken my blog posting workflow and Windows Live Writer (my blogging tool of choice for years) has been badly compromised by the way that high resolution displays in Windows 8.1 show the text as too tiny for my elderly eyes.

This move is not without cost. I'm expecting that some permanent links to resources may break during the move, I'm going to make a pass through the last six months or so of posts and fix them. If you find that a resource is not available then please let me know and I'll re-host the files and update the link. I think that if you access things via you should be able to get everything as before. Then again, if it all goes horribly wrong you won't be able to read this post.....

The good news is that the new site has lots of lovely features that I'm very keen to try out. So please bear with me.