Making Hardware Under Pressure at Global Gamejam

I'd thought it might be fun to make a novel kind of controller with elements that could be plugged or unplugged. The plan is to use an Arduino Leonardo device as the controller. This has the useful ability to behave like a usb keyboard or a mouse, and also provides a serial port that can connect to a process on a host PC.

My idea was to use resistor networks in the controller elements so that the Arduino could identify particular a element by the voltage that it puts out. After purchasing some resistors and some tests by number one son the idea looked workable and so I set about designing the cases for the components. 


I'd taken Una the Ultimaker along and she was soon humming along making bits and bobs. We needed cases for the individual controls and the joystick, along with a larger box for the main controller which would house the Arduino and a led display that I planned to add. 


The rest of the team were working away busily and by the end of the day I'd got some of the boxes built and it looked like things were coming along nicely. Great fun.