Halloween Three Thing Game Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the Halloween Three Thing Game. Scary stuff. 

We've got all kinds of goodness lined up for you, including the MonoGame crew, Microsoft, teams of world beating academic staff (maybe) and some distinguished Three Thing Game alumni who now write games for a living. 

I'm particularly keen that First Year students get involved, even if you are not on a game development course. Just treat the competition as a great way to get experience writing code. This is also true if you've not programmed before coming to university. I'll be releasing a template C# game that will serve as the basis for your gaming ideas and should make it dead easy to take part.

For the first time ever we are also holding a "Thing Lecture" on the Friday night from MonoGame, who will be revealing to the world the latest additions to their wonderful game development platform. 

You can find out more, and download a registration form, from here.