Three Thing Game Auction Fun and Games

We had our Three Thing Game auction today. We had around 150 things to auction and around 50 minutes to do it. I had sterling support from Mo and two Caitlins (thanks for coming folks) and I set the timer on each round to 15 seconds per thing. I reckoned we should be OK.  

We weren't. Not sure why, but 45 minutes in we still had a whole slew of things to get rid of. So in the end we just dished out the last lot and ran for the door.

We also noticed that "auction sniping", beloved of eBay, made an appearance for the first time ever. Bidders would wait until the very last second and then shout out a large number. One chap did that and outbid himself massively, which was amusing, but it did make it rather hard to work out what was going on. 

Caitlin suggested that we might make the length of each auction random, say between five and ten seconds. I thing this is a great idea, we'll definitely do that next time. 

Anyway, if you turned up with money and hope, plus a desire to get something which was at the end of the list, I'm sorry that you didn't get what you wanted. There's always next time....