Which Computer Science Option Should I choose?

After my First Year lecture today someone asked me an interesting question: "Which Computer Science option should I choose for next year?". Our course is structured so that you can choose your specialism (Computer Science, Software Development, Game Development, Information Systems or Computer Systems Engineering) at the end of year one. I think (although I may be wrong) that the person asking the question was primarily concerned about the best option to choose from an employ-ability point of view.

My answer was that you should pick the one you are most interested in. When you go for a job it is very likely that your prospective employer will not necessarily be looking for someone with a particular specialism. They will just be looking for someone who is keen on the field of Computer Science and shows the prospect of being useful.

To me this means a candidate who has done lots of things that aren't on the syllabus and can talk about the things that they have made "just for the fun of it" as well as the good grades they got on their set coursework.

So, do the thing you enjoy, and do stuff that you haven't been told to do, and don't worry quite so much about being a good fit with what you think the employers might want.