Mouse Foolishness and Product Ideas

While I was in the 'states I got myself a new mouse. My beloved Presenter mouse from way back has reached the point of no return I think. Mind you, it must be quite a few years old now. The replacement one is a Sculpt Comfort Mouse with a fancy blue tag that you can use to scroll between open applications and open the start menu. A great match to my blue keyboard and a really nice device to use.

So nice that I nearly lost it. 

I left it in Lecture Theatre A after the last Rather Useful Seminar on Wednesday. I remembered this as I was walking past the theatre on Friday and thought I'd drop in and see if it was still there. It was, along with around 100 students who were expecting a lecturer, not someone who would bound up to the lecturn, exclaim "Ooooh Goody. And it's still working", show the bright blue light underneath to the assembled multitude and then leave cackling. 

Actually, I've just had a horrible thought. Perhaps there was somebody in there lecturing at the time I burst in. Oh well.

Which brings me to my business idea. It might have been done before. I don't know. But what I really needed was a program on my PC that told me when the Bluetooth mouse had gone out of range. We can do this with things like the Nokia Treasure Tag, so why not with mice?

(If you make a million from this idea good luck to you, just a few percent will keep me happy)