Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a great idea. Spend an hour playing with programming and get an understanding of what happens inside the black boxes that take up so much of our lives today. Learning a bit of programming will make you better at everything. We interact with computers so much these days that it is very useful to know a bit about just what happens when I give that command to the machine. 

I reckon programming is the most creative thing you can do because it enables you to build a universe that functions exactly the way that you want it to.  You can take ideas and make them come alive in a way that nobody else can. It's hard work, but much easier than learning to play the piano (in my experience). 

Take a look at:

  • Getting started with Python (a fun programming language) at CodeAcademy.
  • Writing games in JavaScript (the programming language behind web pages) at Code Avengers.
  • Writing code with Anna and Elsa from Frozen at code.org (thanks for the link Emma)
  • Learn a bit about C# with my free, downloadable, book.


I quite forgot to mention that I've been chatting to Radio Humberside folks about programming and why to do it. I even ended up roping in Phil Cluff (one of our ex students who came to see us a while back). You can find the results here: