Buy this Windows Tablet. Like now.

Now this is just crackers. A well sorted 7 inch screen Windows tablet PC with a workable processor, reasonable storage (which can be expanded) and even a monitor socket. For 69 pounds. It's made by Linx, a firm you won't have heard of. But don't let that stop you from getting one. 

The price is less than it used to cost to buy Windows. And it comes with a years worth of Office 365. Which also costs more than the tablet. And to complete the madness, if you have an old tablet to trade in you can get 30 pounds cash back on top.

Did I get one? You bet. I'm not planning to put Visual Studio on it. It only has 1G of RAM, but I've been running the office suite (which is thrown in too) quite comfortably. I'll put a few more programs on it (it uses an Intel chip so it runs all the proper code) and I'm expecting them to work just fine as long as I'm careful not to start them all at once.

The screen is bright and clear if a tiny bit grainy. The angle of view is good and the standard of construction just fine with a slim build and light weight. The only slight snag might be battery life, which is quoted at 4-6 hours, but everything else about the device screams "Buy Me".

An impoverished student looking for a cheap way to be able to take notes in lectures and write up reports could get one of these, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and have a great little self contained device which they could even plug into a larger monitor for proper work.

Slap in a micro-SD card to supplement the 32G in the device (I have around 12G or so free at the moment) and you can load it up with media too if you want. It has OneDrive integration so you don't need to store much on the device itself and really cannot recommend it highly enough.  

I got mine from Staples in Hull, who are doing the 30 pound cashback deal too. It is presently discounted there from 99 to 69 pounds. I'd have been rather pleased to have such a neat device at 99 pounds. To find it this cheap is just amazing. We do live in interesting times.