Lego Movie. Everything. Is. Awesome.

Lego Movie.PNG

Went to see the Lego movie today. Of course, as a kid I had some Lego, although I was more of a Meccano man to be honest. But I've always liked the stuff, even more so when they produce amazing kits like the VW Camper Van

So of course we went to see the film. It really is going beyond product placement .The product is the movie. And it was produced by one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. And the shops are full of toys built around (and from) it. But it is still crazy great. 

There is enough going on at all levels to make it interesting. Plenty of smart one-liners and cultural references. Loads of stuff being blown up. Some properly sad moments and a proper ending that I reckon really works. 

Go see. And probably buy a kit or two as well....