Open Day Crew

This is the audience from today. You can see that they are all budding students, as the lecture room has filled up from the back...

We had another great audience for the Open Day today. Lots of good questions, free food and drink, and of course we gave away a Raspberry Pi to one lucky winner.

One thing did come out of discussions though and I thought I'd clarify it here. I put a lot of emphasis on programming in the introductory talk that I do. I see this as reasonable, because a lot of Computer Science is the business of telling the computer what to do, and programming is all about that. 

But what I didn't make clear is that you don't need to be able to program before you start our course. We teach you everything from first principles (and in fact the Yellow Book is written that way) and so if you have never programmed before you don't need to worry. 

One of the best parts of my job is saying to students "You must have been coding for a while" and having them reply "No, I only started learning in September..."