A Headphone Amplifier in a Tin

I've been looking at little headphone amplifiers for a while. These are things that do a better job at driving your 'phones than the overworked, made for a price, components you find in most things with headphone outputs. To be fair, the output of my Lovely Lumia 1520 sounds splendid, particularly if I plug it into an amplifier, but as someone with pretensions to High Fidelity (tm), I thought that a little extra amplification might make things even better.

And then I found this on Tindie. I think I'm becoming addicted to Tindie, in that they have lovely stuff and buying from all over the world is very easy. Apart from the pesky import duty thing of course.

I must admit that the packaging had me won over before I looked into the quality of the electronics. The device is packed into an Altoids tin (you can choose your design) and the board is beautifully made and assembled. The total price, including import duty, is well less than a video game, and listening tests have revealed (at least to my ears) a more solid bass and clearer midrange to the sound.

If you are into sound quality, want a bit more volume to your music, or like the idea of having a tin packaged gadget like this, then I reckon they are well worth the money.