Big Graduation Ceremony in City Hall


I was Graduands Marshall at the university degree ceremony today. That meant I had to give a speech at the start to tell people what to do and then make sure that all the graduands (people who have qualified for their degree but not got it just yet) are present in the right order to go up on stage to strut their stuff in front of the Chancellor.

We were in Hull City Hall and the place was packed. I was told that there were only a handful of seats free and the place is big. I did my usual opening speech (with the appalling joke at the start) and it all went very well. I'd taken my own advice to turn my phone off and I've discovered that, lovely though the camera in my Lumia 1520 is, it doesn't work very well when the phone has been shut down.  So no pictures this time I'm afraid. 

Congratulations to everyone who got a degree today.