Python Wrestling Time Out


We had our last "Wrestling with Python" event today. For the last six weeks or so we've been teaching teachers how to write Pythong programs. It's been great fun, although as a class they are a bit badly behaved, and I have had to shout at them once or twice to be quiet......

Anyhoo, today everyone who came along got completion certificates and went away happy. Or at least I hope they did. |f you want to find out what we were up to you can download the slides and the lab notes from here.

One of the things that we mentioned was PyScripter. This is a great tool for Python development on the PC. You can navigate your source code and it provides debugging support too. You can put breakpoints into the program, single step through the code and view the contents of variables. It is a free download and makes you into a much more effective developer.  Well worth a look. 

We have some plans for Python games in schools a bit later in the year. It's going to be great fun.