Arduino Fun and Games at C4DI

We had some great fun at C4DI tonight. We were all playing with Arduinos and trying to get lights flashing, make strange buzzing noises (with a little sounder that is part of the kit) and then reading buttons and reacting to input.

C4DI turns out to be a great environment to do this kind of thing. I'm really grateful to them for letting us have access to such a well set up area. It is a great place to do little sessions like this.

I think the mood of the night was best summed up by one chap who had come along to take part. We'd given him one of the loan kits to work with and at the end of the session he handed it back in again because on the strength of the evening he was going to get a device of his own.  

The next session will be on Thursday 3rd of April at the same time, same place. I'll bring along a Mars Bar for the best thing that anyone has made. The fun will start at 6:00 with setup/show and tell, and then we'll begin the practical stuff at 6:30. 

Keep an eye on the Hull Digital Meetup calendar to register for the event. If you want to have a go at the labs you can find all the notes here