Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana will change your life

So I'm driving into work this morning and as I'm sitting at the traffic lights I remember that I need to buy some cables when I get to work. So press the "Phone" button on the steering wheel and say "Remind me to buy cables when I get to work". Cortana confirms the command and then when I get to my office the phone beeps and I see this on the screen. 

This is something that will change my life. The way that it works is just transparent to me. I have to be a bit careful of phrasing, but I now have a phone that is properly useful in this context. I

If you've got a Windows 8.0 phone you are in for a treat when 8.1 comes out. I reckon it is worth registering as a Windows Phone developer just so that you can download the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 and start using this technology early. My next step is to investigate how I can integrate my applications into Cortana.