Autographer Fun

The Autographer is a strange device. It is a little camera with no shutter button. The idea is that you clip it onto yourself and then head off and have interesting experiences. The Autographer will take a picture every now and then when it thinks something interesting is going on. It uses its compass, PIR sensor, accelerometer and GPS to keep track of what you are doing, and it has three levels of "alertness".

From a photography buff's point of view the pictures are nothing much to write home about. There is a 5 megapixel sensor, but the lens has a very wide angle of view, which means that you can often find lots of stuff in the frame. The thing that makes the Autographer interesting is that it lets you get pictures that you could not obtain any other way. And you just don't care that lots of them are rubbish. The 8G internal memory can store literally thousands of shots that might be taken during the day and there are smartphone, PC and Mac applications that let you pull out all the best shots and make them into animated gifs and videos. 


I wore the device during some of the "Wedding of the Year" and I'm very glad that I did. Some of the shots are lovely.

You can clip it to your shirt or hang it from a lanyard, but what I really wanted to do was stand it somewhere. Sadly it doesn't have any kind of stand, so I've designed and printed one, as you do.

This will screw onto one of those tiny tripods that you can get, which means you can use it for time lapse photography, something it does rather well. 

I've put the design on Thingiverse if you are lucky enough to have one of these neat little devices and want to stand it somewhere.

I'll post some pictures I've taken in some later blog posts.