Surface Pro 3 Please

I must admit I really fancy a Surface Pro 3. One thing about the tablets that I've used in the past is that although they have a stylus I hardly ever touch it. The reason is that the pen experience is just not compelling or useful enough. The pen functionality always seems to be tacked on to the user interface and it is never quite good enough to make it worth the effort. The ink doesn't line up with the pen tip, the resolution means that I end up writing text that is too large to fit on the screen and the business of writing is just not fun.

I think that the Surface Pro 3 will change that. The display is close to the surface and the pen is now active so that it can make a much better job of position tracking. This, along with a high resolution screen, means that I should be able to write tiny text if I want to. And the way that OneNote is opened by just pressing the button on the pen means that I should be able to pick up the device and start writing. 

The devices are on sale real soon, but they will not be shipping in the UK for a little while.

Which gives me time to start saving.