Coffee Machine Guru

Coffee Machine.PNG

For the most part our coffee machine works really well. But it does have a foible which is that every now and then when you hit the power button it refuses to light up, and we have to turn it on and off at the mains. Then it wakes up fine. I'm wondering if it is something marginal to do with one of the internal sensors, or whatnot. To be honest I've no idea what the problem is and, since it has been doing it for ages with no observable ill effects I'm OK with this. Also, I'm mainly a tea drinker.

But such is human nature that I'm now using whether the coffee machine starts first time as a harbinger of doom or non-doom. If it lights up first time the day feels somehow lighter, as if things are going to go well. If it doesn't I seem to regard this as the first of a succession of things that are bound to go wrong over the day.

I've not really managed to determine if it really can see into the future. The truth is, I've usually completely forgotten about it by the time I leave the house in the morning. But I am wondering if I should start keeping score....