Wresting with Pygame

We've been running our "Wrestling with Python" course for a while now. An intrepid bunch of local teachers have been coming in on Tuesday evenings to learn a bit about the Python language. Today we started up with our final sequence of the year. We are going to get folks writing games using the Pygame framework.

Then they are going to get their classes writing games and we are going to get a little "local school Three Thing Game action" going on. This is going to end with a hackathon in July with over 100 kids coming into the university and spending a day completing and presenting what they have done. Scary stuff, but we reckon we can make it work.

So today, as a way of getting started, we drew some cheese. As you do. Next week we will have bouncing cheese and possibly a cheese cannon. And why not.

You can find out what we have been doing and download the slide deck and lab sheets here.