How to be a Husband

I've been practicing being a husband for over thirty years. I think I'm reasonable at it, although apparently I'm not the one to judge this.

I must admit I regard Tim Dowling as something of a newcomer to the field, with only twenty or so years under his belt. However, he has written a very funny book about the art of husbandry (if that's what you call it). 

There are some genuine insights, a lot of laugh out loud moments and a few poignant parts as well. If you have enjoyed reading his column in the weekend Guardian over the years then you will know what you are getting and like it all the more. 

If you've not read his work before I'd say you were in for a treat. He is that most rare of species, a self deprecating American, and very, very good at it. Although of course I'm sure he would beg to differ.

You can find his book here