Making Screencasts the Hard Way

Having the house to myself this morning I thought I'd record a video of the 08120 Programming 2 Exam walkthrough. I try to remember to make these when I've finished marking the papers. I can cover lots of the questions that folks might have about the right answers and I like to do this when the marking issues are still fresh in my mind. 

Of course it wasn't as simple as I expected. I hadn't done a video for a while, so I had to find the headphones and the microphone, install Camtasia (my favourite program for recording stuff), find that the headphone and microphone weren't working and that sound playback was also broken. Fix all that, set the screen size to work properly, create a PDF that I can browse through and finally, after half an hour of faffing around, get to sitting down and recording something. 

And I thought that modern technology was here to make life easier....