Three Thing Game@School

Yesterday I went out between the degree ceremonies and bought 16 rubber snakes. The chap in the joke shop thought I'd gone mad. I pretty much cleaned him out of snake stock. He's going to have to reorder them, and the last time he got them was several years ago.  He's thinks they may have gone up in price.....

I had this idea that as part of the welcome pack for our Python based game development event I'd put a snake in each envelope. Python - snake, do you get it?

It seemed to work OK and the teams really took to their mascots. Head over to the Three Thing Game wrap-up if you want to see the best possible way to pose with your snake and read the full report of the event.

It was such fun. If anyone has any doubts about the future, and whether we are going to be OK they really should have have been there. From the way the kids worked I reckon that we are in safe hands and things are going to turn out just fine.