The Eimo Vital Sign Monitor on Kickstarter

Some time a go I was a little bit unwell, and every since then I've been quite careful about keeping active. I went on this very useful post-procedure programme to improve my fitness where they measured my heart rate and blood pressure before and after exercise and I now do the same kind of thing at home.

At regular intervals I do a bunch of exercises which are based on the programme I used to do at the hospital. Before and after each one I measure my heart rate and at the start I measure blood pressure. I've now got a whole bunch of bits of paper holding numbers which are actually pretty similar and I really like it that way. If I do my routine and the numbers start to look odd, that's when I will go and see someone about it. I'm probably being a bit obsessive about the process, but I view this as a healthy kind of obsessive...

Turns out that the university is involved in a project that would make my routine a lot easier. It's on Kickstarter, and I've backed it. The device they are proposing will capture all the readings that I take using my various different devices, plus a few more. It will also allow the data to be transferred into a PC so I can look at proper graphs rather than scribbled numbers. 

I really hope they get funding, I'd love to have an Eimo in my life.