Heading Home

Today we headed home. Sad face.

We flew from Copenhagen Airport, and were lucky enough to find what I call the "handling space" in the airport quite easily. I think every airport has one of these. It is a quiet area, usually with tables and chairs, where airport staff take hapless passengers to tell them that their flight has been cancelled/luggage has been lost/plane is full etc etc. The one in Copenhagen is called the "transit area" and located just behind all the shops.

We sat there for a while as I fiddled with some pictures and wrote some draft blog posts and stuff. The Surface Pro 3 has proved to be a very capable travelling companion. It just works.  Battery life is great and the screen size is perfect for getting proper work done on the move.

The only thing I don't like is the way that the bright blue keyboard seems to be picking up a bit of dirt, but that is rather like buying a white pair of trousers and then complaining that they get dirty quickly. When I get back I'm going to experiment with cleaning it.