Organising Components

While I was up town recently I noticed these rather stylish boxes in Tesco that you can get for a reasonable price. 

I'd been looking for some way of storing my increasing collection of electrical components. I have this worrying (but, fortunately not very expensive) habit of searching ebay for the word Arduino and then being completely unable to resist buying things I find at amazing prices, post free from China.

My plan was to fill each box with envelopes containing particular components.  I stole the idea from the excellent Arachnid Labs blog

It works really well. When I want something I just have to flick through the envelopes to find it. The Computer Scientist in me will probably sort the envelopes into alphabetic order at some point, but for now I've not got enough devices to really make it necessary.I don't have any anti-static envelopes, so I just used ordinary stationary ones.