Making a Camera

I got a Konstructor camera for Christmas. It reminds me very much of the first camera I ever had, which was made of plastic, had a plastic lens and took photographs which were almost recognisable as the thing it had been pointed at. From the samples online this one has performance quite a bit better than that. But I'm not really looking for quality images here. I'm looking for interesting ones. And I think I'll get those. 

The camera  also reminds me of the Airfix models that I used to carefully construct when I was a kid,  bearing in mind it comes as a kit. I've just spent a very happy evening attaching Part A12 to P11 and whatnot, and with a bit of luck I'll have it finished tomorrow. It actually uses real, proper, 35mm film too. I've got a bunch of cassettes and over the weekend I plan to take some shots and get them developed. I used to love getting my pictures back from the labs and seeing how they come out, now I'll be able to do that again.