json2csharp is magic

Json (JavaScriptObjectNotation) is a really popular way to pass information around on the internets. Lots of services will serve up lumps of json for your programs to munch on. It works very well with JavaScript (which is not surprising) but in the strongly typed world of C# (a great place to be in my opinion) it is a bit of a pain, because C# likes to have proper classes to back up the contents of the Json strings. 

That's where the wonderful json2scharp web page comes in. Grab the chunk of json that you get back from the service (in this case I pulled it straight out of the string in my app while debugging with Visual Studio) and paste it into the window at json2csharp.com and it will spit out all the class definitions that you need.

You can then paste these into your source code and hey-presto, you have all the types that you need to read and work with the json formatted data you just received.

Wonderful stuff.