Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi - Snaps secrets of the LogoBlaster

Spent a lot of today working on the presentation for Future Decoded tomorrow. I'm showing off my Snaps framework for creating simple applications. It's almost ready for release. If I hadn't just decided to renumber all the chapters of the book that it is linked too, thereby breaking all the sample code, it would be available now.....

Anyhoo, I dropped Snaps onto a Raspberry Pi (which is really easy to do) and built a bunch of embedded snaps.  I'm going to show how easy it is to use Snaps with embedded code and show of my LogoBlaster device.

This is the code that reads from a pin and changes to the next logo if the pin has been pressed. All that displayNextImage does is fetch the next picture. No need to set up an GPIO, just use the snaps engine methods. I'm really looking forward to the talk tomorrow.