Suiting Up Pays off

The "Black Godzilla" team in Three Thing Game made an awesome game. And they turned up at the Finalist Presentations fully suited and booted, and looking really sharp. Like winners in fact. I caught up with one of the team today and he told me that they had decided to dress properly for the event. 

I think this is a great idea. Way back when I was mentoring Imagine Cup Teams I had a habit of nipping down to Asda and picking up sets of matching shirts for the teams that I was looking after. This got a bit expensive when we had four teams in the UK finals one year, but it made a huge difference. For one thing, the students looked like proper teams.

If you're engaged in any kind of team work it is well worth giving some thought to this. It doesn't have to be expensive, just all get the same style T shirt or whatever. And the funny thing is, once you look like a team you start to behave more like a team too.