Red Nose Day Lecture, with Tutu pictures

Well, there goes any level of credibility that I might once have had. The lecture in Rhyme went well, but at the start I was overcome with guilt about reneging on my Tutu promise for two years in a row. I hadn't met my, admittedly very ambitious target, but over 800 quid is not to be sniffed at. Thanks for your generosity folks.

Anyhoo, I took pity on the audience (is that the right way to put it) and tutuified myself as you can see on the right.

After that it was pretty much an anti-climax I guess. The audience were great and laughed at nearly all the jokes.


A video was taken and I'll have it onto the Internets as soon as I can. Because the world definitely needs a man in a tutu explaining how to create video games.

My favourite bit though was when I was doing a tutorial session this afternoon and someone said they were a bit upset to find that I'd changed back into my normal outfit. So I said, "You mean you want a tutu-tutorial?". I live for moments like those.....