Mad Max: Fury Road

Over last weekend we went to see Mad Max: Fury Road.  Wow.

It is as if the director had watched every Michael Bay Transformers movie and then decided that he could go to around 11 or 12 on that scale. Or more. The action is relentless, violent and in some parts a bit queasy making (at least for wimpy old me).

Tom Hardy does a great job as Max. Not that he has to say much. I think they gave him his script written on the back of a cigarette packet. Charlize Theron is great in the film as well. She has lines and everything. All the souls in the movie are tortured, torturing or both.

If you like your action fast moving and with lots of spectacle then you'll love it. If you prefer films where the most action packed thing that happens is that Lady Faversham comes to visit and they can't find the best tablecloth, then you might want to give it a miss.