Eye Test

Coming soon to a face near me...

Coming soon to a face near me...

So, I went for an eye test yesterday. Cue all the eye test jokes.

"Tell me sir, have your eyes ever been checked?"
"No, they've always been blue."

"Can you see that eye-test on the wall?"
"What wall?"

etc etc

Anyhoo, I was pleased to find out that my eyes haven't changed that much since last time. I've had my present specs for quite a few years. A year and a half ago a bit fell off and I made a "temporary" repair using heat shrink tubing that has been a bit less temporary than I intended.

This time I've just gone for a single pair of glasses. No messing around with "two for one" deals. Experiments have shown that I can't wear two pairs of glasses at the same time, and that I'll probably lose the second pair anyway. They should arrive in a couple of weeks. Rather excited.