Snaps now has a 2D Game Engine

If  you've not heard much about Snaps (my library that's designed to make it easy to learn to program C# which I'm using in a forthcoming book) then that's because I've been too busy writing the book (and the Snaps) to tell anyone about it. But today I built some Snaps that I'm really quite proud of. I've now got a tiny sprite library and a gamepad which you can use to make 2D games.  I'm going to use it in the chapter where we talk about class hierarchies. 

It's not a particularly fancy engine really. It runs inside a Windows 10 Universal application and uses all the XAML display elements. Having said that, I can get reasonable performance on my machine which has no graphics acceleration and it even runs on a Raspberry Pi. 

For learning to program (and of course for Cheese Lander) it's absolutely perfect.