Say Hello to Hull Pixel Bot

I've been spending the odd five minutes here and there designing and printing parts for a little robot that I want everybody to build. I've called it the HullPixelBot, because I want to turn it into a mobile pixel. I had lots of fun making my wedding lights a couple of years ago and so I thought I'd have a go at making a mobile version. The idea is that if I can get enough of them together and network them we could have a whole bunch of mobile coloured dots which we can display patterns on. 

It's kind of artistic. But in a technical way. 

Sooooo,  I want to get everybody making little Arduino powered robots. The target price for parts for the robot is less than ten pounds. I'm using very cheap stepper motors which work fine. They are a bit slow, but they provide a precision of movement which you just can't get with standard DC motors. I'm also using catapult ammunition (really) for the caster and four AA batteries provide the power. There are holes you can use to attach sensors and we will develop the design as we go along. 

I'm taking a bunch of parts to the C4DI Hardware Meetup on Thursday this week. If you fancy having a go at building a pixel bot, come along to find out more. 

I made a tiny video. More hardware details to follow.

Update: The STL files are now on Thingiverse here.  There's also a HullPixelBot mini-site here