Making a Windows Home from home

I've used Virtual PCs for quite a while. My first proper brush with the technology was when I was building and configuring Class Server systems. I found it kind of magical that I could have several "fake" PCs running inside my one real one. And I loved the way that if anything bad happened to the hardware I just had to spin up another PC on a replacement device.

I've started using them again. I'm writing a "Begin to code Python" book and I'm worrying about the installation documentation. It's important to be able to show the installation just as it would be for someone running Windows 10 Home Edition on their brand new laptop.

So I've built a brand new Windows 10 Home Edition installation on a virtual machine. Took around twenty minutes or so. And the beauty is that I've taken a snapshot of the empty machine, so I can easily "wind back time" to before the installation and practice it again.

I used a really nice guide which you can find here