Putting the Pixel into HullPixelBot

I've reached the point in 3D design where the hard part is not expressing the design. It's deciding what the design should be. I regard this as progress. Above you can see the new pixel mounts for the HullPixelBot that we've been playing with at C4DI.

Each bot will have two pixels. One at the top between the wheels to make it easy to do persistence of vision photography. And one at the back for other HullPixelBots to find and follow. 

I unveiled the new design to an awestruck audience at the hardware meetup tonight. Unfortunately I also unveiled a rather nasty power issue where the robot motors cut out when the lights were turned on. Oh well. It might be that we need extra volts for the pixels...

Anyhoo, I'll be posting the new designs in a little while, once I'm sure that it all fits together properly.  

I gave away a couple of 3D printed kits to new folks who had come along. If you want to come, get some parts and have a go at building your own robot (it won't cost you more than a tenner to build) then sign up for our next meetup on 18th August. All are welcome, young or old, experienced or not. Sign up here