Eleven: Table Tennis VR is Awesome

It's like having abasement with a table tennis table in it

It's like having abasement with a table tennis table in it

I have few illusions about my sporting ability. I was always picked last, and unwillingly, for team games. And I tended to try to make up with enthusiasm what I lacked in technique. And as a result I spent a lot of my sporting time searching for the ball that I just hit. 

Except for table tennis. 

I allowed myself to think I was quite good at table tennis. I even bought a table to play on. It's in the garage. It turns out that having a table to play on is one thing, but having a room big enough to play in is something else. And it's surprising how even a little bit of wind can ruin an outdoor game. Not to mention rain.

Eleven: Table Tennis VR is a table tennis game for the HTC Vive. And it is very, very good. It only costs seven pounds or so, and at that price it is exceptional value. It takes a tiny bit of getting used to, but not much. The most important thing for me was the realisation that I had to hold the "bat" control side on, which felt rather strange. But with that tiny proviso it gives you a very authentic game of table tennis.

When I play table tennis properly I can usually tell if the shot I've just played is any good before it goes over the net. If I hook the shot, or apply so much spin that the ball is going to hit my side of the table first, I get a sinking filling and then have to watch the shot play out in front of me. I get the same feeling playing this game. 

It's really very simple. If you have an HTC Vive you should buy this. Practice a while.. And then call me up for a game. With a bit of luck I might even beat you.