Begin to Code - Get a Free Copy

I need your help. And I'm prepared to give things away to get it. I've had the above error reported to me when trying to use the Begin To Code with C# demo programs. I can't reproduce it, and I can't find out the circumstances in which it happens. 

This bothers me. 

I would love it if someone could get in touch and tell me how they managed to make the error occur. All you have to do is go to to the book site here and get the Snaps examples from the Downloads page. Unzip them and try to build and run them using Visual Studio 2015. There's a help document to tell you how to do this, or you can watch my screencast here

If you get the error error above, send me an email to so I can work with you to fix the problem. First person to do this gets a free copy of the book. If you get a different problem please get in touch too.

And if your version works send an email to and I'll draw a name at random in a couple of weeks and send them a free copy of the book too. 

Everyone who gets in touch will receive a "Certificate of Undying Appreciation" as well. 

I'm prepared to post around the world (which means it will cost me money) but I'm determined to find the source of this problem.