Starting a Diary

If there's one thing I hate, it's making the same mistake twice. Doing something stupid once is bad enough, but repeating it is really silly. One of the reasons why I blog is so that I can find answers to questions that I have that I've already made once. I've had the experience of searching for information about a problem and finding my own blob post about the subject a couple of times now. Very strange. 

Doesn't stop me making more mistakes though....

Anyhoo, as I'm building my HullPixelbot robots I've found it very useful to keep a diary of the process. It turns out that doing the same thing 7 times is a great way to learn how to do it.  And I keep forgetting the best way to build the device and then discovering it again.

So I'm writing a diary of the project. I'm finding this kind of useful, and I'd advise anyone building something to do the same. Proper engineers have log books where they write down what they've done and, more importantly, why they did it. My diary isn't quite as ambitious, but it is good enough to be useful, which is nice.